Dewis Centre for Independent Living - Pembrokeshire

What do we do? We offer independent casework advocacy as well as more informal methods such as self advocacy groups, peer support and citizen advocacy. We will consider and listen to the cases of each referred individual and offer advocacy which will support their rights, needs and views to be heard.

"We strive to ensure that the voices of disabled and vulnerable people are heard and respected so they are empowered to take control of their own lives and make informed choices." Dewis C.I.L. Mission Statement

Who are we for? Adults, including carers, aged over 18 who are in receipt of social care services across Pembrokeshire and / or are eligible to receive a service under the Fair Access to Care criteria. This could include:
Adult carers
Physical Disabilities
Learning Disabilities
Older people
Sensory Impairment
Vulnerable adults due to age, health condition or assessed need

Volunteer Citizen Advocates - In support of this we will also be offering a volunteering advocacy provision, supported by an Advocacy Facilitation Officer, who will recruit, train and match local community volunteers to individuals across the county for suitable cases and who will support the formation of self advocacy and peer advocacy groups.