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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my organisation listed on infoengine?

To have your organisation, or the organisation you are involved in, listed on infoengine, you should fill in the registration form.

How do you make sure the information here is up-to-date?

infoengine has an inbuilt automatic update facility which is central to its design. All organisations listed are e-mailed by the system at regular intervals and the organisation must verify that their information is correct in order for its listing to remain. Organisations that do not respond to requests from the system to verify their details will be hidden from view until they respond to the verification request.

Do you check or verify the services offered by the organisations listed?

No, the organisations self register on infoengine and information about organisations is supplied in good faith as a signposting service. infoengine does not endorse any service listed on the site, or provide any guarantee as to the accuracy of the information given.

Why can’t I see my organisation listed?

infoengine may ‘hide’ the details of an organisation if any of the following instances occurs:

  • Repeated requests to verify / update organisation details are ignored or not followed up
  • If the only method of contact a group has supplied is its URL, that group will only become ‘visible’ on the system once its URL has been validated
  • If there is an unresolved complaint about the entry

How do I update my Organisations details ?

To be able to update the details for your organisation you will need to know the logins details for your administrative account registered with infoengine.