Relate Cymru

Relate Cymru strives to enable people to engage in positive relationships for the benefit of themselves, their family and society by:

• Supporting individuals/families to make relationships work better;

• Delivering inclusive, high quality services at every stage of life;

• Helping public and policymakers understand what makes relationships flourish and why this is important

We work throughout Wales with hundreds of families each year to build stronger relationships and to limit the negative effects of relationship breakdown and of domestic abuse.

Due to demand we have worked hard to make sure that support is available for all throughout Wales and have been improving access to our services whether face to face, by phone or online.

We provide counselling services for individuals, relationships, families and young people in addition to sex therapy.

Our supported child contact services provide a safe environment for children to be with their non-resident parent in a friendly atmosphere.

Domestic Violence Perpetrator programs are delivered via group sessions or 1:1 sessions across Wales. The program provides support for those who wish to access the program over a number of weeks.

Please contact us on 0300 003 2340 for further information about any of our services.

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Relate Cymru is an all-Wales charity which offers relationship counselling to couples, individuals, young people and families, Sex Therapy, Free Relationship Counselling for people affected by cancer...