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Community Furniture Aid - CFA
registered Charity 1163913
Contact info; phone 07597317338
Address; The Gothic, Alexandra Rd, pontycymer,Bridgend,CF32 8HB
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CFA is a Independant Professional front line charity that provides Crisis furniture packs to those most in need in our community
we are here to help, our core work is to provide home furniture packs to those on the lowest income and vulnerable members of our community who are most in need who have been allocated empty accommodation. we provide all of the basic furniture & household items needed to set up a comfortable and safe home.
This is our first priority.
We provide this service at as low as possible rate we make no profit but must cover our basic running costs in order to stay open.
We seldom sell individual items that are part of our key packs as stock levels are tightly controlled if we sell items that are part of our packs it would mean a person in need would not receive all of the items they need.
Thank you Community Furniture Aid.

How we operate
There are a number of ways to reach us Please phone our office, contact us on facebook, email, twitter or website.
We require at least 48 hours notice of a small collection or 4 working days for a house clearance as we need to arrange both volunteers and hire a van.
Some items may be sold to raise funds for CFA if unsuitable for our clients needs.
CFA rely on donations of clean reusable furniture & household items from members of the public.
We cannot accept very large or heavy items of furniture, damaged items or white goods.
We do accept almost all other items including clothing. Please contact us to confirm whether we can use your items.
We offer this collection and part house clearance service free of charge.
CFA runs a storage facility called the Gothic where we sort and check all items making repairs if necessary.
The Gothic is not open to the public. We run the office from the front room of our chairman to keep our overheads & costs as low as possible.
How to order a crisis pack from CFA
There are a number of ways to reach us Please phone our office, contact us on facebook, email, twitter or website.
There is a sliding scale of charges for the complete furniture packs depending on the area you live in and whether it is a single or family sized pack. Prices for a single person start at £70.00 full family packs start at £140.00. These charges help to cover the cost of collection, storage and delivery of the items as well as basic running costs.
We prefer to work with agencies and charities that often help with the cost of the pack to clients most in need.
Once a client has a definite moving in date we will liaise with them or an, agencies, charity groups who will ensure you are able pay for your pack.
We shall give you a choice of delivery dates; we cannot hold goods for more than 1 week due to turnover. If clients are unable to accept delivery within that week, they will have to contact us again when they can accept delivery, goods may change as we do not reserve items.
Due to a number of cancellations and no shows CFA has implemented a new requirement
If clients, charities or agencies fail to inform us or a cancellation of a delivery or inability to pay for the pack with at least 24hours notice a cancellation fee will be imposed. This will cover the cost of the van hire & fuel which CFA has laid out in order to deliver a pack to a client we cannot afford to bear these costs as we have no external funding. This would be a sliding fee depending on situation starting at £50.00
If you have any other issues or enquires please contact us we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Thank you for your cooperation.We do not discriminate and all are welcome to access our service whatever background. We rely on clean donated household items. We work with many other charities and agencies such as Salvation Army, Social services, foster care, mental health charities Armed services Charities, Women's Aid The Wallich, YMCA, CAB, Credit Unions,Housing Associations, prison service and many others. who rely upon us for furniture home starter packs.
Proof of benefits is needed to ensure we provide this service for those in true need.
We require a set donation for this service to cover our basic running costs as we are not funded by any other bodies. We accept furniture, household items clean bedding and clothing. We offer a part house clearance service. monetary donations are always welcome. We operate a strict appointment only service, we can meet with clients to make arrangement at various local locations. A set donation is required to secure items this is a sliding price depending on size of pack and distance . We endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible and a single starter pack starts at just £70.00 We do not sell items that are donated for this purpose. All of our volunteers come from long term unemployed or disabled and we welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. A background check is made on all volunteers.Training is given to all volunteers we have policies in place to maintain a safe and healthy experience for all volunteers.Please contact us for more information.Any items that are donated to us but unsuitable for our purpose may be sold to raise funds to keep us able to operate.
A basic pack consists of;
Furniture pack:
Single bed & mattress
Small wardrobe
Chest of drawers
Bedside cabinet
Dining table and chairs (when available)
Single Armchair
Kitchen pack
Four plates, bowls, side plates
Four sets of cutlery
Tea towels
Kitchen utensils
Saucepans & frying pan
Kettle (when available)
Toaster (when available)
Assorted glasses
Plastic bin, cutlery drainer, plate drainer & washing up bowl.
Bedroom pack
Two sets of bed linen & pillow cases
Duvets & pillows (when available)
Other items if we have them in stock.