Childrens Cancer Support Group (CHICS)

The Children's Cancer Support Group, formed in 1986, provides support and information for parents of children with cancer by the following means:

MEETINGS: Regular meetings to inform members about the many aspects of childhood cancers and to enable members to gain confidence by sharing their experiences with each other.

SOCIAL FUNCTIONS: At which you can meet other families on an informal basis.

NEWSLETTER: A regular newsletter in which group activities are reported.

INFORMATION: A small library of books, leaflets and brochures, has been established for parents to gain more information about cancer treatments and cancer related national bodies.

FUND-RAISING: Fund raising events are held to finance the groups activities and to enhance facilities at the hospital.

LINK-UPS: CHICS is a founding member of the National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parents Organisations.

CARAVANS: CHICS also have a caravan, located in North Wales, for respite use.