Carers Wales

Carers provide unpaid care by looking after an ill, frail or disabled family member, friend or partner. It could be a few hours a week or around the clock, in your own home or down a motorway. There are 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK and 370,000 in Wales.

Carers give so much to society yet as a consequence of caring, they experience ill health, poverty and discrimination.

Carers Wales is here to improve carers' lives and with Carers UK:
-We connect carers so no-one has to care alone – By joining us you become part of a community of carers who can support you through the ups and downs of looking after someone.
-We give expert advice, information and support – Caring can sometimes feel like a battle. We’re in your corner to help and guide you through being a carer in Wales.
-We campaign to make carers’ lives better – When you join us you also become part of a movement for change. We won’t stop until every carer gets the support they need.
-We innovate to find new ways to reach and support carers

Provided by Carers Wales Service located in Cardiff Volunteering Carers Benefits advice
Unit 5, Ynys Bridge Court, Cardiff, CF159SS
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We provide information to unpaid carers