Age Cymru Powys

Age Cymru Powys is your local charity offering support and services for older people in Powys.

Each year we reach over 6,500 older people living in Powys. One of them could be you, a friend or a relative.

We’re here to support people to live independently, make informed choices and have control over their lives.

Age Cymru Powys has an excellent reputation and is a much valued and respected service provider verified by the many verbal and written messages of appreciation. The monitoring of our existing services including Information and Advice, Advocacy, Engagement and Simply Nails shows a steady increase in demand and we are keen to expand our services to meet these demands. 

Age Cymru Powys is a brand partner of the Age Cymru network and enjoys the benefits of membership of the highly regarded Age UK movement. In December 2015 we achieved the Charity Commission recognised Age UK Organisational Quality Mark, which was externally assessed.

Our Vision

To live in a society in which all older people are respected, valued and are able to live the life they choose.
Mission Statement

Age Cymru Powys will work to improve quality of life for older people* in Powys. 
*All people can be in need of help at certain times of their lives. Older people in need will be those who are isolated geographically, socially or economically in Powys or who have health needs which impact upon their lives. This will be the group for whom our services will be focused. In particular we will focus our services on the 50+ age group.

Our Aims are to:
Provide excellent quality services tailored to the needs of older people in Powys.

Raise the profile of age issues and enable the voices of older people to positively influence policy and provision.

Be a valued, effective, reputable and expert older people’s support organisation.

Collaborate with other organisations across Powys and Wales enhancing services and avoiding duplication.

As a nation, we're living longer.

It's in our interest to create an age friendly Wales today.

What does an 'age friendly Wales' look like? In an age friendly Wales, older people would not experience barriers to independent living. They will enjoy good health; live safely; will be free from discrimination; and will remain actively engaged within their community.

By developing communities, advocacy and policy changes, we all stand to gain from empowering older people.

Marlow, South Crescent, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5DH
01597 825908

Age Cymru Powys provides a free, confidential Information and advice service for people aged 50+. This can be about anything ranging from having a listening ear for their worries to providing benefits advice; form filling and...

Marlow, South Crescent, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5DH
01597 825908

Simply Nails has been successfully running since 2010 and provides a basic and affordable toenail cutting service, for people over the age of 50, who are no longer able to reach their feet due to a number of health reasons.

Marlow, South Crescent, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5DH
01597 825908

Independent advocacy is all about making sure that your voice is heard when you are facing life-changing decisions. Sometimes we all need someone in our corner. Advocacy supports you to speak up for yourself and have your rig...

Old Warehouse Office, Parkers Lane, Newtown, SY16 2LT
01597 825908

Age Cymru Powys engages with older people across Powys on what matters to them. They do this through talking to groups, gaining feedback, surveys and questionnaires. The information is collated and shared with Powys County...