Advice Mid Wales

The aim of Advice Mid Wales is to provide an independent, free, impartial and confidential Advice Service to anyone who needs it. By doing this we seek to ensure that individuals do not suffer a detriment through lack of knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, or the services available for them, or through an inability to express their needs effectively.
We provide a Generalist Advice Service but we also provide specialist advice in debt and welfare benefits, Our Money and Welfare Benefits Caseworker is a member of the Institute of Money Advisers, and we have two advisers who are Accredited Intermediaries for Debt Relief Orders (DROs).
Our caseworker is a member of the Child Poverty Action Group and two advisers recently completed Welsh Women’s Aid Domestic Abuse ‘Ambassadors’ training.
We work closely with other Charities in the area to try to reduce the effects of the ongoing recession in our Community, including the ‘Machynlleth Food Bank’ who we are agents for and helped set up a few years ago, as well as CAMAD (Community Action Machynlleth and District). PCC Housing Solutions Team use our offices once a month for client appointments as do The Wallich, Homeless Charity.

The Care Centre, Forge Road, Machynlleth, SY20 8EQ
01654 700192

At Advice Mid Wales we are here to give you a helping hand through what can be a minefield of the problems and complexities of everyday life. Just as we have done for the past thirty years. Our team...