Action for Children

We’re here because every child should be safe. Because every child should have opportunities. Because every child should have a childhood.

Across the UK, hundreds of thousands of children aren’t getting the care or opportunities they need. Families are struggling, and children are neglected, ill treated and abused. Young people face isolation and often violence as they grow up. This is not acceptable.

We take action to improve the lives of these vulnerable children. We intervene early to help to fix problems before children are overwhelmed and we intervene when there are more serious concerns to make children safer and help them to thrive.

Provided by Action for Children Service located in Llandrindod Wells Children and Families
Cynnal Plant Powys ' Powys Community Support Service, Trefonnen Lane, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5EP
01597 822190

The Family Behaviour Support Service will work with children and young people aged 0 - 11 years and their families, including disabled children to; work with children at the earliest possible time t...