A4W Innovation C.I.C.

Creating opportunities for people to flourish and communities to prosper.
Training and community development organisation.
(Community, Education, Well-being, 3rd Sector, Business.)
Education, Community, Health & Well-being, Heritage & Culture.

At A4W we believe;
That everyone wants to be the best that they possibly can be; and that most desire a happy, purposeful and productive life, to be accepted, respected and feel that they belong. Most people also want to be of use and offer up their skills, knowledge and experiences for the greater good.

We also believe;
Everyone is creative at core;
that the rhythms of making and doing are a fundamental part of being human.

A4W promote the human use of human beings; new ways of being and seeing in the world.

Aberporth, , , SA43 2EW
01559 363273

Come along and enjoy a range of creative activities in a lovely, relaxed social atmosphere. Lots of different things to try your hand at, suitable for all ages and abilities.