Thrive Women's Aid

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Commercial Buildings Beverley Street Port Talbot SA13 1JS

Postal Address

Commercial Buildings Beverley Street Port Talbot

For almost 40 years, Thrive Women’s Aid has provided a haven for women, children and young people in Neath Port Talbot, helping them to rebuild their lives and regain their independence in safe communities.

We provide emergency accommodation, community based services, access to support groups and therapeutic interventions, a specialist children and young people service, as well as training and employment opportunities.

Our mission is to prevent abuse from occurring, provide safe and trusted interventions when abuse does occur and enable individuals to progress from the trauma they have faced in order to build successful independent lives.

We don’t just help and support women in need, we help the whole family to thrive to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken for good.

Our aim is to encourage, enable and empower, as we believe that, given the right resources, everyone has the strength and capability to achieve, no matter how hard their circumstances.