NERS - Powys (National Exercise Referral Scheme)

NERS is a Public Health Wales funded scheme aimed at those over 16 years of age who are not used to being regularly physically active and have a medical condition. The scheme is designed to provide opportunities to exercise that are fun, rewarding and can be incorporated into everyday life. IN POWYS: We have 9 Exercise Professionals and Rehabilitation Specialists across 7 centres in Powys. The scheme runs for 16 consecutive weeks with 2 fully supervised group based sessions each week. The activity costs £2.50 and consultations and assessments are free of charge. 


NERS - Generic Exercise Referral - for those who are inactive, who may have one or more chronic condition or completed a NERS L4 service
NERS - Community Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV - for those with previous Cardiac history. 
NERS - Back Care service L4 (Core Stability) - For those with symptoms of low back pain. 
NERS - Falls Prevention L4 (Balance and Strength) - For those who have a fear of or at risk of falls. 
NERS - Community Based Cancer Rehabilitation L4 - For cancer survivors. 
NERS - Community Base Stroke Rehabilitation L4 (Balance and Strength) - For those who have had a stroke with neurological effects. 
NERS - Mental Health L4 - For those with specific diagnosed mental health issues. 
NERS - Community Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation - For those identified with respiratory disease who have completed a course of clinically lead pulmonary rehabilitation. 
NERS - Exercise and Weight Management - For those who want to make life style changes with supported nutritional education. 

NERS activities are available at the following venues: 
Brecon Leisure centre 01874 623677
Knighton Sports Centre 01547 529187
Maldwyn Leisure Centre (Newtown) 01686 628771
Rhayader Leisure centre 01597 811013
The Flash Leisure centre (Welshpool) 01938 555952
Bro Ddyfi Leisure centre (Machynlleth) 01654 703300
Ystradgynlais 01639 844854

ACCESSING THE SCHEME: If you are 16 and over and feel you would benefit speak to your GP / Practice Nurse or health professional about being referred - they will complete a referral form.

Access Options

Drop in

Self referrral

Agency referral

By appointment only