Fountain Hill Home Education Group

Provided by
Majical Youth

Provided by
Majical Youth


Postal Address

Fountain Hill Hermon SA36 0DT

Here at Fountainhill we host weekly wednesday home education social days days for children who do not attend school.
There is a vast range of ages of children who regularly attend the group, from 1-17.
For this group day which runs as a drop in from 12 -5pm in the summer and 11.30 -4pm in the winter after the clocks change; we ask parents to bring a dish or offering of food to contribute to the shared buffet if possible.
The group has access to all communal areas of the house, lounge, kitchen, conservatory and toilet facilities, playground area and garden and field and the woods, where we often hang around a fire and cook soup together and learn bushcraft.
We ask all attendants to respect the privacy of the residents and keep out of private bedrooms.
There is usually a craft activity available for anyone who is willing.
We also like the children to leave their computer games , computers and electronic devices at home so that may engage fully with each other directly.
Please put your phones on airoplane mode.
Please remove shoes before entering the main areas.
We ask for a donation in the majic hat to support the groups costs and damages.
Everyone is welcome and people who are regular attendants are invited to other outings throughout the year eg, horse riding, live bands, parties, ceremonies, equinox sand circles on the beach and swimming.
We hope to see you there as soon as you have a free Wednesday.

Access Options

Drop in

Self referrral

Agency referral

By appointment only