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PO Box 60001 London SW16 9BY

AEA Cymru is part of the UK-wide organisation, Action on Elder Abuse, who were the first charity to address elder abuse and the only charity in the UK working exclusively on this issue today. AEA has been working across the UK since 1993 and now has AEA Scotland and AEA Northern Ireland alongside AEA Cymru ensuring that awareness of elder abuse is promoted so that everyone from practitioners to the general public, knows that it cannot be tolerated. AEA Cymru wants individuals and organisations to know how to identify, challenge and stop all forms of abuse against older people, who are often isolated and vulnerable. Our vision is a community where older people are valued and can live a life free abuse.

What we do
AEA Cymru offers a range of expert services to the public and organisations in all sectors. Our work includes:

For older people, their families and those who support or care for them:

Our freephone specialist helpline for older people or anyone who is concerned that abuse may be taking place, providing guidance and support.

A portfolio of information materials providing advice on how to spot abuse, appropriate action to take and useful contacts.

Peer support projects for older people (in development).

Advocacy support (in development).

For practitioners:

A range of information materials on specialist topics relating to abuse and adult support and protection issues.

Generic and bespoke training on all aspects of elder abuse.

Conferences and seminars.

A practitioners group to help inform our policy work.

For anyone with an interest in our work:

Newsletters and social media updates.

Public consultation events.

Updates on policy developments (both within Wales and across the UK).

Access Options

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Self referrral

Agency referral

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