Credu: Connecting Carers

We have been supporting carers since 2003 and you might know us as Powys Carers Service.

In November 2015, our carers and staff voted that it was time for a fresh look, and in the process we decided to update our name to reflect our values and aspirations. Credu (which is pronounced ‘cre-dee’) means believe in Welsh.

We believe in people: their skills, abilities and talents, and the resilience they display in everyday life.
We believe in the invaluable contributions carers make to their loved ones and their communities.
We believe carers of all ages deserve to thrive and be able to get the most out of life.
We believe no-one needs to do this on their own.
We believe in supporting carers by connecting them with whatever they need to live to their full potential.

We are a Carers Trust Network Partner, and we support carers via outreach through Credu Powys and through WCD Young Carers in North Wales (in Wrexham, Conwy and Denbighshire).

We are a registered charity and are governed by a board of volunteer trustees.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback and queries!

Longbridge Street, , Newtown, SY16 2DY
01686 621 586

If you look after your partner, a relative or a friend who is ill, disabled or simply unable to do as much as they used to, you are a carer, even if you'd never call yourself one.