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Pilotlight Updated!

Valiant House 3rd Floor , 4-10 Heneage Lane, London, EC3A 5DQ
020 7283 7012

We are an award-winning charity that connects Pilotlighters (our business members) with charitable organisations to unlock solutions that help charities become more effective and sustainable.

Two Temple Place, , London, WC2R 3BD

We are a small, highly collaborative organisation that exists to help other social purpose organisations become more efficient and effective. We run the Measuring the Good programme.

Two Temple Place, , London, WC2R 3BD

With Measuring the Good, we match organisations to skilled volunteers who work through a step-by-step framework, acting as an independent facilitator and supporting their impact practice.

70 Cowcross Street, , London, EC1M 6EJ

Our new Property Health Check is a diagnostic tool
comprising a visit to your premises + a brief jargon free
report with practical observations and recommendations.