EPP Cymru

EPP Cymru provides a range of self-management health and well being courses and workshops for people living with a health conditions or for those who care for someone with a health condition. The original chronic disease self-management programme (CDSMP) was developed in the USA in the 1970's and is now run in the UK and many other countries around the world. In Wales, we run:
the original CDSMP for people with a health conditions
a course for carers
an Online Self Management Course - please call 01286 674236 for more information
a 3 Hour Health and Well Being Course
EPP Cymru courses are about making you an expert in living your life to the full with your condition, not about making you an expert in the specific condition you have.
A number of people who attend an EPP Cymru course go on to train as volunteer tutors to help deliver the programme locally.

All of the people who are involved with EPP Cymru in Wales, the staff and the volunteer tutors, have personal experience of either living with a health condition or caring for someone with a health condition.