Dyfed Powys Crown Prosecution Service



The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the main prosecuting authority for Wales and England, bringing criminal cases to court and supporting victims and witnesses.

In Wales, we work closely with - but are independent from - the four police forces that serve Wales. Our lawyers review evidence gathered by the police and decide whether the case should go to court.

Our responsibilities include:

Advising the police during the early stages of investigations
Reviewing cases submitted by the police and deciding on appropriate charges
Preparing cases for court
Prosecuting cases at the Crown Court and magistrates' courts
Making sure that cases are prosecuted firmly, fairly and effectively
Helping to support victims and witnesses throughout the prosecution process.
In 20011/2012, the CPS in Wales prosecuted 50,108 cases in the magistrates' courts and 5,681 cases in the Crown Court. Our conviction rate was 87.7 per cent in the magistrates' court and 81.8 per cent in the Crown Court.

The CPS employs around 380 staff across Wales. CPS Cymru-Wales Area is headed by a Chief Crown Prosecutor (CCP), Barry Hughes, supported by an Area Business Manager (ABM), Mike Grist.

Provided by Dyfed Powys Crown Prosecution Service Service located in Tanerdy
Heol Penlanffos, , Tanerdy, SA31 2EZ

Each of the four areas in Wales has a dedicated Witness Care Unit, which supports victims and witnesses from the point an offender is charged right through to the completion of legal proceedings.