British Lung Foundation Wales

We have a specialist team in Wales working for everyone across the nation affected by a lung condition.
Wales has a proud and rich industrial heritage, and is characterised by the spirit of its people and the togetherness of its communities.

But Wales also suffers disproportionately from lung disease – that’s where we come in.
How we help:

We support people who have lung disease, their families and carers.
We raise awareness of lung disease at a local and national level.
We campaign to make lung disease a national priority in Wales.
We work with other organisations, such as voluntary groups, the NHS, and the National Assembly for Wales, to improve services across Wales.
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Our Wales office is at One Caspian Point, Pierhead St, Cardiff, CF10 4DQ.

Provided by British Lung Foundation Wales Service located in Hampton Bishop Health and social care
Hampton Bishop Village hall, Church Lane, Hampton Bishop, HR14JY

Breathe Easy Groups offer mutual support for those affected by a lung condition including their friends, family and carers.  The Breathe Easy group in Hereford meet on the last Tuesday of every month...