ARCH Intiatives

ARCH Initiatives have been delivering services to anyone experiencing difficulty with all substances,including illicit, prescribed or legal drugs and alcohol for over 30 years; with over 20 years specialising in criminal justice therapeutic services. ARCH have an extensive range of integrated criminal justice services: -DIP(Arrest Referral,Court Liaison, ROB,Prison Throughcare, Bail Plus) -Probation Services(DRR,ATR,Programmes,Licence Support & testing services) -Police Community Safety(Conditional Cautions,IOM/PPO, fixed penalty services -Intensive NPT support for DV, nighttime economy and neighbourhood nuisance Underpinned by robust case management,testing, assertive engagement and excellent range of therapeutic support programmes. ARCH operates its own 20 bed specialist inpatient treatment unit which has extensive experience of criminal justice treatment and support offering a range of treatment packages. Check out the range of services on our webpage!